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Welcome to the Lions Bay General Store & Cafe

Join us in a fabulous experience that will be a highlight of your adventure.

Discover the Lions Bay General Store & Café 10 km north of Horseshoe Bay along the world-renowned Sea to Sky Corridor, Whistler-bound. The Robb Report identifies the Sea to Sky Corridor as the #1 scenic highway worldwide. The Ford Motor Co Blog features our highway in the top Seven !!

Take a 2 minute virtual tour of the Lions Bay General Store & Café

A must on your trip to Whistler, along the Sea to Sky corridor, or as a destination location !!!

Lots more Dolphins in Lions Bay ......  Check out our 'news' page .....

Sea Lions Dip and Dash .... Each year on New Year's Day....... cool ( cold ) !!   Check out our photos page...

Olympic Torch passes our Store...

torch relay feb 4 079 torch relay feb 4 060 Vancouver Whistler 2010


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